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Understanding Why Alexa Rankings Are Important

By: Jeff Alderson

Getting a grasp on all the inside language involved in web publishing can be a challenge. Figuring out what numbers count and what don't for tracking a website's success can seem like an impossibility. Many publishers find it difficult enough to keep up with Google ranking. The sad reality is that this number isn't the only important one. Alexa ranking is also a valuable number to keep up with, especially if earning potential is important. itself is an creation that offers a readout of traffic for some websites. The trick, however, is that it measures based on the amount of users who've paid sites a visit with an Alexa toolbar installed in their own browsers. Alexa ranking is important, but it does have a few flaws. Despite this, a high Alexa ranking can really pay off with advertiser interest.

Alexa rank involves the number of people that visit sites with the toolbar installed on their browsers. Traffic rank revealed is based on historical data aggregated over three months from the millions of Alexa users. This number is a combined measurement of page views and the number of users. A daily computation of reach and page views is taken. The main number for traffic rank is derived at by using these two numbers averaged over time.

The actual Alexa ranking of a site is considered important because advertisers pay attention to it. This number is used to help determine pricing. Text Link Ads, ReviewMe and Sponsored Reviews are examples of sales programs that rely on Alexa to figure out a site's advertising value.

Getting going with Alexa is easy. All that's necessary is downloading the toolbar. Those who use Firefox can pick up the SearchStatus extension. Once this is installed, pages you look at will register on Alexa's radar.

Although Alexa ranking can be important, the system does have some big flaws. The biggest is the fact that ranking tends to go in favor of sites that happen to have a technical audience. This is because sites with a technical audience tend to have viewers who use the Alexa toolbar. This makes the overall ranking Alexa offers a bit unfair in the minds of many. Despite this, Alexa is still widely used by advertisers. This makes paying attention to this ranking important for those who want to increase revenue. There are ways to boost ranking.

Getting into Alexa's upper echelon is difficult, but making an impressive showing isn't necessarily all that hard. Some methods for increasing rank here can take more work than others, but they can all pay off. The best method, in fact, really involves nothing more than creating useful content that draws in traffic. Putting up content that can generate incoming links is also a great way to go. These two things can improve traffic, Google ranking and Alexa ranking as a spin off.

Some other pretty easy rank-boosting methods exist. These include adding Alexa widgets to one's own site, encouraging visitors to download the ranking toolbar, installing the toolbar on your own computers and getting others to rank your site's Alexa profile. Promoting your URL in webmaster forums, writing articles targeted to the webmaster or tech crowd and even using Alexa redirects can help a lot, too.

Other methods for increasing ranking do exist. They can take a little more work though. Some of the better methods include creating a webmaster tool section on your own site, getting Dugg or Stumbled on, forking out for paid ads and even simply writing about Alexa on your own site.

Some less favored methods for rankings can also be tried, although they are not suggested. These include tooling MySpace pages to work as Alexa redirects, using auto-surf programs and purchasing homepage rights at Cybercafes.

Although Alexa isn't the most accurate system going, it is a very important one. Boosting ranking can help increase the ad revenues a site enjoys. With this in mind, it can be very smart for publishers to pay close attention to where they stand.

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